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Ottes achter het orgel

De toer van een orgelbouwer

Portrait of Eppo Rynko Ottes Portrait of the builder Eppo Rynko Ottes (1941) from Groningen, who built and intoned more than 70 organs in Europe. His organs are on display in the Vatican, in churches in Germany, Denmark, France and … Continue reading

Marcelle Veldthuis op een boot

Roadmovie in East Groningen

Beeldlijn Foundation collaborates with Hanze University Groningen on documentary projects. On January 24, 2013 at Groninger Forum Images has taken place the premiere of a documentary based on an award-winning novel by Marcella Veldthuis, a road movie through East Groningen. … Continue reading

Schilder aan het werk

Faces of dementia

The artist Herman van Hoogdalem worked with director Gijs Wanders on a series of portraits of people with dementia and their loved ones. Van Hoogdalem painted the despair, the suffering, the pain, the uncertainty, the emptiness, detachment, acquiescence and all … Continue reading

DVD-cover in context

in context

“In Context” is a documentary about two northern architects: Cor Kalfsbeek and Gunnar Daan. Both men use the local scenery as a basis for their work. Cor Kalfsbeek designed many buildings in the Provinces of Drenthe and Groningen, whereas Gunnar … Continue reading

DVD-cover Oude Helden Jonge Meesters

Oude Helden en Jonge Meesters

The documentary “Oude helden & Jonge meesters” is about the rise and success of the northern figurative art led by ´founding fathers´: Wout Muller, Clary Mastenbroek, Ger Siks, Matthijs Röling and Trudy Kramer. These visual artists met at the Minerva … Continue reading

Hafkenscheid aan het woord

Alfred Hafkenscheid

“Hafkenscheid” is the title of the documentary made by director Lydia Tuijnman about the 75 year old painter Alfred Hafkenscheid. For the first time in his life, Hafkenscheid analyses the origin of the images he paints. His paintings remind us … Continue reading

DVD-cover Oude Helden Jonge Meesters

Poets from Epibreren

“Bilksem & Betonrot” is a documentairy about the poetry collective ‘Epibreren’ from Groningen. For fifteen years they caused a furore on Dutch stages owing to their famous combination of music and poetry. The heart of the group consisted of Bart … Continue reading

DVD-cover The White Gold

Chile saltpetre – The White Gold

“The White Gold” is the title of the documentary about the rise and demise of the Chile saltpetre. Extracted under dreadful conditions by miners from mines in the north of Chile, which lead to strikes, violence and impoverishment. Whereas the … Continue reading

DVD-cover Sporen van Vasalis


Poetess M. Vasalis (pseudonym of M. Droogleever Fortuyn-Leenmans, 1909-1998) did not lijke publicity; therefore there are hardly any interviews with her. On the basis of “sporen”–‘tracks” (for example a taperecording from 1987) the documentary was made. Writer Ronald Olsen had … Continue reading

DVD-cover Jong in Groningen

Jong in Groningen

With help of the memories of Henk van Os and Martin Tissing, Buddy Hermans outlines the variety of artistic trends in Groningen between 1945 and 1975. The documentary contains conversations with artists like Siep van den Berg, Henri de Wolf, … Continue reading

DVD-cover Woordenstroom


Art along the road Lemmer- Delfzijl Prinses Margrietkanaal, Van Starkenborghkanaal, Eemskanaal: three names for a canal of 118 kilometres, were twelve art projects are being displayed along the road. Between Eemsmond and IJsselmeer, from Delfzijl till Lemmer, the water connects … Continue reading

DVD-cover Talma

A.S. Talma

This documentary is a portrait of Aritius Sybrandus Talma (1864 – 1916), also known as the red preacher. Talma, born in Friesland, was chosen as a member of parliament for the ARP-party. He became a minister in 1908 and was … Continue reading