A.S. Talma

Henk Kleinbruinink
11 June 2009
30 min

DVD-cover Talma

This documentary is a portrait of Aritius Sybrandus Talma (1864 – 1916), also known as the red preacher. Talma, born in Friesland, was chosen as a member of parliament for the ARP-party. He became a minister in 1908 and was one of the founders of the Dutch compulsory social insurance system, disability Act and the forerunner of the AOW: the General Pensions Act. He also stood at the cradle of the CNV, the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions.

A lot of old images and video fragments from the early twentieth century are used in the film. Former trade union chairman Doekle Terpstra called Talma the “Obama of Friesland”, because of his charisma. The title of the film derives from a psalm which Talma loved. A biography of Talma’s life was written by Lammert de Hoop. The documentary opened at a congress, In honour of the 100th anniversary of the CNV.

The film, the biography and the congress were made possible by the A.S. Talma foundation, the GAK-Institute, Vilans and het Talma lectoraat of NHL Hogeschool.

Director: Henk Kleinbruinink
Camera: Willem van der Linde
Sound: Menno Knevel
Interviews: Lejo Siepe
Research: Henk Kleinbruinink and Lammert de Hoop
Production: Lejo SIepe
Co-producer: Omrop Fryslân

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