Abe Kuipers

Buddy Hermans
4 November 2007
35 min

DVD cover Abe Kuipers

This is an portrait of artist Abe Kuipers. Abe Kuipers (1918) looks back on his life and his work. He was born in Rotterdam, moved to Groningen as a very young man and attended the School of Arts (Minerva). He specialised in graphic design, but he also paints. In 1962 he became a teacher at the AKI, located in Enschede. He knew a lot of famous artists from the artist’s association “De Ploeg”; such as Werkman, Van der Zee and Hansen. During the nineteenseventies of the twentieth century, Kuipers became famous for his silk-screen prints and pastels. The film contains footage filmed by Kuipers himself with an 8mm camera in Groningen.

Director: Buddy Hermans
Camera: Willem van der Linde
Sound: Menno Knevel
Editing: René Duursma

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