De toer van een orgelbouwer

Saskia Jeulink
may 2013
40 min

dvd cover de toer van een orgelbouwer

Portrait of Eppo Rynko Ottes

Portrait of the builder Eppo Rynko Ottes (1941) from Groningen, who built and intoned more than 70 organs in Europe. His organs are on display in the Vatican, in churches in Germany, Denmark, France and Spain. Also in the province of Groningen are some organs made by him. The combination of build and tone make Ottes organs into something special. Through his work he met many leading clergymen who intentionally and unintentionally helped in his search for meaning. Increasingly, the organ stands between him and God …

Director: Saskia Jeulink
Camera: Willem van der Linde
Sound: Jan Schoen

Ottes achter het orgel

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