Poets from Epibreren

Regina Broersma en René Duursma
26 augustus 2011
50 minuten

DVD-cover Bliksem en Betonrot

“Bilksem & Betonrot” is a documentairy about the poetry collective ‘Epibreren’ from Groningen. For fifteen years they caused a furore on Dutch stages owing to their famous combination of music and poetry.

The heart of the group consisted of Bart FM Droog, Tjitske Hofman and Jan Klug. Bart FM Droog was also the first Stadsdichter (poet –in- residence of the city of Groningen).

Directors Regina Boersma and René Duursma demonstrate, on the basis of interviews and archive footage of performances both at home and abroad, the significance of this group of northern poets. The premiere was at the festival “Noorderzon”, on August, 26th, 2011.

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