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Films aired since 2005 are: ‘Vasalis’, ‘Jong in Groningen’, ‘Woordenstroom’, ‘Talma’, ‘Jan Steen’, ‘Abe Kuipers’, ‘Ypke Gietema’, ‘Rutger Kopland’, ‘Harm Hendrik Meijer’ and ‘Martinikerkhof 23’. These documentaries were also broadcasted by regional and digital TV-stations. ‘Rutger Kopland’ was also broadcasted by the national TV-station NPS.

The older films provide an overview of visual artists in Groningen. Beginning with de Ploeg in 1918 and ending with more contemporary artists like, Jan van der Zee, Jo van Dijk, Jan Loman, Marten Tissing and Jan Steen. Also musicians Roelof Stalknecht and Jenne Meinema and politician Fré Meis are included on this list.
The documentaries about Gerrit Krol and Rutger Kopland received a lot of publicity.
Vrij Nederland: “Gerrit Krol, a beautiful melancholic portrait.”
NRC: “Rutger Kopland, beautiful and a joy to watch on television.”