in context

Lotte Veltman en Jasper Huizinga
22 juni 2012
50 minuten

DVD-cover in context

“In Context” is a documentary about two northern architects: Cor Kalfsbeek and Gunnar Daan. Both men use the local scenery as a basis for their work. Cor Kalfsbeek designed many buildings in the Provinces of Drenthe and Groningen, whereas Gunnar Daan focused on Friesland and Groningen. During a carride along their buildings, both architects are interviewed about their inspiration: how does the Northern landcape reflect on the buildings. What is beauty? What is ugliness and why? When does a building become a disturbing element in the landscape? The use of materials, patterns, stylistic elements from the past and the state of architecture in the present and future are topics of conversation.
The film is directed by Lotte Veltman and Jasper Huizinga.

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