Jong in Groningen

Buddy Hermans
26 June 2009
50 min

DVD-cover Jong in Groningen

With help of the memories of Henk van Os and Martin Tissing, Buddy Hermans outlines the variety of artistic trends in Groningen between 1945 and 1975. The documentary contains conversations with artists like Siep van den Berg, Henri de Wolf, Han Jansen, Jo van Dijk, Olga Wiese and other artist. A lot of archive films have been used, for example recordings of the openings at the Gallery: “de Mandelgang” and other recordings made during the so called Beeld-en-route and other happenings.

Director: Buddy Hermans
Camera: Willem van der Linde
Sound: Menno Knevel
Composition: René Duursma
Interviews and production: Lejo Siepe
Research: Dick Siersema and Cees Hofsteenge

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