New plans

Plans for documentaries in the coming years

-De Orgelman (2013), directed by Saskia Jeulink and others;
-Art and dementia (2013), by Gijs Wanders;
-De Videograaf, about Herman Brood (2013);
-Albert Waalkens (2014);
-Siep van den Berg (2014);
-Portrait of the Prins Claus School of Music (2014);
-Groninger music scene: Vera and Simplon (2014);
-Hendrik N. Werkman (2015)

Buddy Hermans is currently working on a film about Northern Figurative Arts. This is the third part of films about this subject of his hands; after “de Ploeg” and “Jong in Groningen”. It covers the period from 1970 with painters like Matthijs Röling, Ger Siks, Diederik Kraaypoel, Wout Muller, Olga Wiese, but also Drenten like Reinder Homan, Ben Snijders and Siemen Dijkstra. The opening is in april 2012.

The premiere of ‘In Context’ – about architects Cor Kalfsbeek and Gunnar Daan was June 22nd 2012.