What does the foundation do?

We make documentaries and films about the cultural, social and political life in the northern part of the Netherlands. With these films the foundation attempts to draw a picture of the dynamics in northern society. One of our aims is to show what motivates people and how they respond to social and cultural developments.
The northern heritage is another of our main subjects. We have multiple contacts in the northern Provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland. The foundation both acts as an initiator and as a producer.

We are always on the look-out for young documentary makers and their plans. We give financial support and bring out the films.
Contact the coordinator for information.

On a regular basis we organise discussion meetings with documentary makers.
The Beeldlijn foundation made films about the artist’s association ‘De Ploeg’ and several individual visual artists like Marten Klompien, Henri de Wolf, Martin Tissing, Abe Kuipers and Jan Steen.
Also on our list are documentaries about the pianist Roelof Stalknecht and saxophonist Jenne Meinema and the northern politicians Fré Meis, Harm Hendrik Meijer and Ypke Gietema.
The life and work of Dutch writers Gerrit Krol and Rutger Kopland was portrayed, “Sporen van Vasalis” is a documentary about the famous poet M. Vasalis. and Bliksem & Betonrot” is dedicated to the members of the poetry collective ‘Epibreren’. And finally the social historical documentary “Het Witte Goud” is about the mining, transport and the use of chile saltpetre.

Our films are broadcasted by regional TV-stations, and national TV-stations, including NPS, VPRO, Cultura 24, History 24 and Holland Doc.