Jasper Huizinga & Lotte Veltman
19 September 2009
30 min

DVD-cover Woordenstroom

Art along the road Lemmer- Delfzijl

Prinses Margrietkanaal, Van Starkenborghkanaal, Eemskanaal: three names for a canal of 118 kilometres, were twelve art projects are being displayed along the road. Between Eemsmond and IJsselmeer, from Delfzijl till Lemmer, the water connects 52 villages and cities in ten municipalities in the North of the Netherlands. The canal also connects the North with the rest of the Netherlands and Germany, Belgium, and the North of France. The many bridges and locks along the busy canal are fine examples of Dutch craftsmanship..

But also Dutch artists were inspired by the canal and the Northern landscape. Under the authority of the Provinces of Groningen,and Friesland and Rijkswaterstaat, twelve so-called language-image combination artworks have been placed. These artworks have been designed by twelve designer-couples, including typographers, poets and writers; Tsead Bruinja, Gerrit Krol, K. Shippers, Tonnus Oosterhof and designers Wigger Bierma and George Moormann. The directors Jasper Huizinga and Lotte Veltman made an attractive and artistic portrait of the canal and the artworks along the canal.

Director and composition: Jasper Huizinga and Lotte Veltman
Camera: Willem van der Linde
Sound/Sound-design: Menno Knevel
Production: Lejo Siepe
Composition: De Loods, Media Productions

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